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Hire Me for a Few Hours
and I’ll Inject It with New Life
to Help Bring You More Customers
and More Cash Orders

From: Drew Eric Whitman
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dear Friend:

Fed up with lousy ad results?

Fact is, if your advertising is not making money, chances are your ads, emails, website, sales letters, and brochures are violating one or more of the rules of effective advertising.

You probably can’t see these violations. But I can. And if you show me your ads, I’ll tell you all the mistakes you’re now making. Mistakes that are possibly costing you thousands of dollars in wasted money and lost sales.

You’ll Kick Yourself When You Hear
What I Tell You About Your Advertising
(And how it’s likely sabotaging your success)

LISTEN: I’m a professional advertising man with decades of real-world experience. Not a newbie “web guy” who just learned to write ads last year from some online course by an advertising nobody.

I’m also not anybody’s “pay to play” protégé trying to make myself out to be some expert after attending their guru’s bogus, “How to Become an Internet Marketing Consultant and Get Rich!” seminar. (I hope you never fall for the sales letters of these–perhaps well-meaning–but inexperienced newbies.)

Instead, I’ve spent over 30 years in the trenches. Working for top corporations. Major ad agencies. Writing hard-hitting ad copy for some of the largest companies in the United States. In fact, I was one of the very first advertising consultants online. (Google my name and you’ll see what I mean.) I know (and use) tested and proven-effective techniques and strategies to influence people to buy.

Bottom line? My words have persuaded
millions to spend ridiculous sums of money.
(And I can help do the same for you.)

Just say the word, and I’ll transform your current weak, no-results advertising. I’ll create more POWERFUL HEADLINES… more POTENT COPY… perhaps even suggest a FAR BOLDER MARKETING STRATEGY. I can also help you by suggesting more effective DESIGN and LAYOUT IDEAS to really grab people’s attention.

LISTEN CLOSELY: No matter what kinds of products you sell… no matter what types of services you offer… my “MADISON AVENUE MAKEOVERS™” can make a dramatic difference in your response.

That’s because I incorporate the same powerfully effective ad-agency techniques and secrets that I’ve used for giant corporations who spend tens of thousands of dollars for their advertising.

Meaning? That you benefit from thousands of dollars in advertising tests. You literally help yourself to technique after technique that other people paid me to test for THEIR companies. You benefit from OTHER people’s time and thousands of dollars of THEIR money.


Click to learn why I’m qualified to help you. Click to read what others think. You’ll be in good hands, I assure you.


Most “MADISON AVENUE MAKEOVERS” take only a few days, depending upon the extent of your project. The estimated completion date is always provided in advance. What’s more, I provide my comments directly on an image of your advertising component (usually in standard PNG format) so you can see all my suggested changes “in place.” This makes it easy for you to make rapid changes to your existing materials. Plus, my critiques are detailed so you’ll know exactly what to do to improve your response.

STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY. Find out once and for all why your ads, brochures, e-mails, sales letters or web pages are not performing like they should… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I guarantee you’ll be shocked at my findings… and thrilled that you made the small, one-time tax-deductible* investment that can make all the difference in the world for you and the future of your business.

Of course, I’ll return submissions that are either inappropriate, or so good that even I can’t improve them!


Click and tell me what you need and when you need it. Include links to your current advertising. Should you need to email me PDFs or other materials, you can do so after I reply. I’ll give you a quick assessment and a quote to begin your “surgery.” And, of course, there’s never any obligation.



Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

* Consult your tax adviser for